Dog Daycare

Where Best Friends Are Made

It is great to be a dog at Swisher Dog Care. Our facility has enough outdoor play area for your dog and all of their friends to run and play until their heart is content. Each play area is equipped with toys, shade areas, and of course play pools when it starts getting hot here in Texas.

Of course, not every day is a play outside kind of day, we live in Texas. When the weather prohibits outdoor play, we have indoor play areas where your dog will have all of the same amenities they would have outside.

All dogs are separated based on size and temperament during day care, and of course, all dogs are monitored during their time with us.

All new Swisher dogs must pass our temperament screening in order to actively participate and enroll in our daycare services. For this reason, our Daycare Temperament Evaluation should be the very first initial reservation that any potential daycare dog requests. Additional details about this, along with available booking times can be acquired by calling us at 940-321-7020.

The Daycare Temperament Evaluation will be no charge to you, as well as any additional time that is spent in daycare on the same day of successfully passing the screening.

Dog Daycare Rates

Holiday Hours

Office closed on all major holidays.

Dogs may be boarded during holidays, but no drop-offs or pickups will be available.

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